Boosting your festive spirit, winter comfort and keeping expenses to a minimum are amongst the many aspects to keep an eye on during the winter months.

From the decorative designs and bespoke layouts achievable with our luxury gas, electric and log-burning fireplaces, you can instantly bring a whole new level of festivity and cosiness into your home whilst reaping the benefits of a warm and comforting flame.

The aesthetic of your luxury fireplace during winter.

We can easily distinguish the winter months by the colder nights and dark days however the biggest telltale is the festive spirit and decorations.

Christmas is a major part of many households and decorating your fireplace to suitably fit the aesthetic of your home whilst dealing with the Christmas environment is an easy way to make your home feel so much cosier during winter.

Many luxury gas and electric fireplaces don’t look traditional, in the sense they now have holographic flames, large glass fronts and unique designs to make your home feel modern.

Dressing up your fireplace is the perfect way to make your modern luxury fireplace fit in and bring a level of comfort rather than constant modernness during winter.

Take a look below for some inspiration on your fireplace at Christmas

Choosing the right fireplace

Are you interested in an entirely new fireplace?

Finding the perfect type of fireplace can be a difficult task, from the benefits of electric fires, gas and log-burners all independently benefiting your home and making it cosier for winter.

Luxury Electric fireplaces

Unlike a log-burning stove, an electric fireplace is able to offer a constant volume of heat, easily maintainable and adaptable to the current climate. This can make the perfect addition to your home whilst keeping excessive heating and bills to a minimum.

Is an electric fireplace suitable for winter?

Log burning stoves

If you are after a warm, comforting, gentle scent to accompany your home, a log burning stove could be perfect. The incredible smell of a roaring fire instantly adds a whole new level of comfort to your property. You can get a real feel for what they are like at our showroom with over 50+ live fires on display!

The top benefits of a wood burning stove!

Luxury electric fireplaces

Making your life easier, having an electric fireplace is one of the easiest methods to not only transform your home but also add a whole lot of comfort. Unlike log burning stoves, the need for wood isn’t there. Due to this, you have a limited amount of mess and cleaning to do upon your new electric fireplace. No fumes means no residue or ash resulting in a far easier job.

Top 8 benefits of Luxury Electric Fireplaces

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