We all come to a point when deciding what type of fireplace would be most suitable. From the convenience of an electric fire to the characteristics of a log-burning stove. The choice we have here at Luxury fire showrooms between our electric, gas and log-burning stoves can sometimes be a little confusing. That’s why our expert team are on hand to help with your choice. If you are more set towards an electric fireplace. Here are some reasons why an electric fire may be suitable for winter in your home.

The easiest fireplace to install!

As simple as it is to use, it is to install. Choosing an electric fireplace for your home is completely hassle-free, including bespoke designs and features. You have the ability to skip the troublesome aspects of chimneys and pipes to be installed. Rather it’s more like a plug and plays display.

Electric fireplaces are extremely easy to use!

Leaving yourself with more free time, an electric fireplace is considered the easiest and most convenient source of heating for your home. With new modern designs and features such as remote controls and instant fires. An electric fireplace is an extremely easy choice to keep your home warm during winter.

They provide a constant amount of heat!

Unlike a log-burning stove, an electric fireplace is able to offer a constant volume of heat, easily maintainable and adaptable to the current climate. This can make the perfect addition to your home whilst keeping excessive heating and bills to a minimum.

Eco-friendly designs

Mant new modern luxury electric fireplaces come with far more eco-friendly measures in place. Keeping your carbon footprint down, costs to a minimum and effectiveness toa. high. An electric fire is a great choice to include in your home to cost-effectively keep you warm.

A range of bespoke designs!

You can find the perfect look and feel for your home, with a range of models, sizes, styles, colours, features and designs available. An electric fireplace is an all-around perfect choice for customisability to cater perfectly for your home!

If you need some inspiration to help set you on your way to finding your dream fireplace, look no further. A range of luxury displays are on show at our Manchester-based showroom with 50+ live fires crackling and popping for you to see.

We take care of every aspect during your fireplace transformation including the planning, designing and execution of your project.

That’s why Luxury fire showrooms are the perfect stop to get your home winter ready, keeping your bills low and keeping your comfort high!

Take a look at a range of the incredible luxury electric fireplaces we have available online, we have an even newer and far more extensive range available to be seen at our warehouse which can be visited during the week or weekends!