When owning a log burning stove, you want to ensure you make the most amount of care and attention to the maintenance and longevity of your fireplace. Our luxury fireplaces are instantly going to set your home for success with stunning bespoke designs perfect for you. Although just as tricky as it can be to find your dream fireplace, it can be as complicated to find the perfect wood for your log-burning stove.

Unlike in nature, camping and foresting. Any wood you can find can be utilised to its full potential however in the instance of using this type of wood on your domestic luxury fire, it can actually be home to far more issues than it’s worth.

What’s the best type of wood for log burning stoves?

A great figure of speech to follow for sourcing wood for your fireplace is less than 20% moisture. Finding high-quality wood with less than 20% moisture sets you on the right track for achieving the best outcome with your fireplace, visually and effectively.

The negatives of using a moisture-rich log is the fact it is a lot harder to light, and if successful it will achieve a poor flame and a horrible fire for your home. Covering your fireplace in black soot and resulting in you having your hands full to clean your fireplace further.

Which type of wood is best used?

An old research states that hardwoods such as ash, oak or beech actually produce you with far more energy for the cost of the material. This takes comparison to softer woods in which don’t remain as long.

Ash would be the highest saught after log to use however an array of hardwoods actually can help achieve the best outcome with a great bang to buck ratio.

Why log burning stoves are good for the environment.

If you have a log-burning stove, you don’t have to worry, they are also a great way to care for the environment.

Using wood fuel is far more sustainable and a renewable source of energy to heat your home, as trees are cut, more may be planted. Leaving you in a cycle of sustainability.

The need for trees ensures active wildlife management which could be argued that it has a positive impact on the wildlife across the UK.

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