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Design Consultation

Fireplace Transformation Plan

What is luxury fire showrooms design consultation?

Our experts are on hand to help create your perfect fireplace with a unique design consultation, making your dream home a reality. Choose from a wide range of wood- burning stoves, gas fire and electric fires all on display in our showroom.

Our design consultation is a multi-stage process in which our expert team consult with you to find your dream fireplace and bring that fire into a 3d rendered version of your home.

Manchester Luxury Fireplace


Initial consultation

You will start with an initial consultation with our team, gaining insight to your wants and needs. After a brief visit to your home, you will move on to stage 2.

Manchester Luxury Fireplace


3d Mockup designed

A sketch design will be made with correct measurements and design features of your home with your ideal fireplace in show.

Manchester Luxury Fireplace


Final 3d render

After the design has been sketched, a final 3d render of your home will be made. and sent to you for your final approval. You will get a real insight to how your new fireplace will look.