One dream many homeowners have is to own a stunning, luxury bespoke fireplace perfectly suited for your home (just like our clients now have). From the tedious decisions of what size to look for to the all big question. What type of fireplace do you want? Electric? Gas? Log-burning?

Our expert team are always on hand at our Manchester-based showroom with extensive amounts of knowledge on all things fireplace related. Helping offer advice on designs to the eco-friendly features on the new state of the art fires.

If you don’t fancy visiting just yet, here are the top 8 benefits of a luxury electric fireplace that might just make it the perfect choice for your home!

  1. Electric fireplaces are extremely low maintenance

    Making your life easier, having an electric fireplace is one of the easiest methods to not only transform your home but also add a whole lot of comfort. Unlike log burning stoves, the need for wood isn’t there. Due to this, you have a limited amount of mess and cleaning to do upon your new electric fireplace. No fumes means no residue or ash resulting in a far easier job.

  2. Extremely cheap to run!

    Now, we know having a luxury fireplace can be amazing although having a luxury fireplace that is cost-effective and cheap to run is even better. With new models offering better eco-friendly measures to help reduce global warming alongside cheaper running costs. Simply just another utensil like your fridge to operate in your home yet offering a far “cooler” look.

  3. Electric fireplaces last a long time.

    Making sure you get the best “bang for your buck” is great when it comes to electric fireplaces as they offer a surprisingly long lifetime. Since they don’t have the issue of oxidisation due to roaring flames. The issues such as rust and corrosion are extremely limited. With a good clean, years down the line, they can still look brand new!

  4. They are incredibly cheap to install

    With no need for pipes, chimneys and holes in your walls. An electric fireplace is a simple plug and plays operation to really improve your home. With incredible designs available here at Luxury fire showrooms, our Manchester-based fireplace warehouse could be the perfect location for you to find you dream electric fire!

  5. They can be purely visual!

    As strange as it sounds, many new luxury electric fireplaces don’t actually have to produce heat, they offer a very stylish visual approach to lighting up your room with warmth and comfort. With the option to have just the “flame” roaring and no heating, this allows for an all year round operation, meaning the customer usability is far superior to the likes of a log burner.

  6. They are a safe option for families

    Any families worst nightmare would be seeing their child get hurt, with no use of logs, roaring flames or utensils to operate. An electric fireplace is a simple button or remotely operated device easily monitored to ensure your family are safe during complete use.

  7. Absolutely no smell!

    Although many people with log-burning stoves enjoy the smell of a roaring fire. The hassle this can cause for many house owners out ways the good. That’s why without luxury electric fireplaces, they have no smell produced. Since its completely electric and requires no live flame. No fumes are produced to fill your home.

  8. Absolutely incredible bespoke designs

    It’s time to showboat a little, with incredible design opportunities, the endless ideas and concept to be made is phenomenal. Each home can receive their dream fireplace completely hassle-free, at a great price and with a great team!

You can take a look at some of the incredible displays we have to offer below, please also note that we have many exclusive new electric fires and fireplaces in our showroom to be seen working live!