As we all know, the best way to get a feel for a companies work is the before and after shots. That’s why here at Luxury fire showroom we ensure our before and after images of our fireplace transformations showcase the real beauty that you can introduce into your home.

Here are 3 of our most recent transformations including an entire media suite luxury fireplace, an entire room changing display and the introduction of a far more visually appealing yet eco-friendly way to heat your home.


Greater Manchester, Mr & Mrs Matthews.

This transformation allowed the Matthews household to bring a luxury fire into place, you can see how visually captivating their new fireplace is with the facilities to have their tv included in the display. Don’t restrict yourself, find the designs you want, view the entire range of over 50+ live fireplaces on display at our Manchester fireplace showroom.

Talking about bringing a modern fireplace into your home, take a look at this fireplace transformation taken out in Atherton, Greater Manchester for the lovely Mr & Mrs Matthews. From the initial consultation, the planning stage and the finished product, this whole luxury fireplace transformation really revitalised their room.


New bespoke living room

Through lockdown, the team at Luxury fire showroom have introduced some stunning bespoke fires and fireplaces in a range of homes across the UK. Recently the experts have implemented new media suite luxury fires in a family home including a bespoke design tailored for their wants and needs.

We can see the drastic improvement to style and feel of the living room, a luxury polished look allowed the family to also experience luxury with comforts such as tv.

This media unit is a great example of how you can transform your home.


Taylor, the full process

After consulting with the client Taylor, we produced a highly accurate 3d render of the display in the room. This allowed for an accurate representation of the fireplace and how our luxury fire would look in their home.

After discussing colours, designs, sizes and more. Taylor came to a decision to introduce a stunning fireplace into his room.

With accurate measurements, our 3d render allowed for a precise bespoke design to be installed into their home. This fully customised fireplace was designed by our expert team here at Luxury Fire Showrooms and you can have the same made for you!


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