When looking for the perfect fireplace, we know this can be a stressful time. When looking for your dream luxury fireplace, this can be even more of a concern. With an array of electric, gas and log burning stoves available across the UK you have an array of designs to filter through and find. Luxury fire showrooms are here to help make that decision a little easier, a luxury log burning stove could be the perfect addition to your home and here is why.

The different styles of Luxury wood-burning fireplaces

Like all fireplaces in our Manchester-based showroom, you sure aren’t limited with choice. Many log burning fireplace offers a range of designs and styles to fit in almost every household.

From rustic traditional stoves to more sleek and modern units. You have the ability to revitalise any room the way you desire. Introducing a hearty warmth traditional display can help bring comfort into your home or even a fresh, modern and updated design can bring a little more class into your household.

It’s not a one choice only option, as today’s day and age continues to modernise, the incredible variants of these luxury log burning stoves also grow.

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The warmth and comfort it provides

Unlike gas and electric fireplaces, a log burning stove offers an unseen level of warmth and comfort. The crackling sound of wood, with the ferocious flame roaring in your room instantly, adds a scene of comfort and homeliness to your property.

With the real live fire, it’s an untouched level of relaxation and comfort in comparison to other luxury fireplace types.

Although many fireplaces are extremely modern and up to date, introducing a log burning stove can offer you the best of both worlds with a balance of sleek designs and traditionalism.

The ease and simplicity of a log burning stove

Many people can be disheartened when they hear log burning stoves require more work than other fireplaces. It is completely worth it!

When it comes to the maintenance of the fireplace, you simply need to ensure you clean the unit with the correct measures, this means removing any built-up ash, sutt and wiping down the surrounding surfaces to avoid rust.

Apart from that, you can experience the roaring flamed fireplace you have always wished for.

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