When looking at upgrading your fireplace and looking for the perfect luxury electric fire & fireplace, there is a fine line between what one person and another may consider, modern, sleek and realistic. The great thing is that most of the modern displays are categorised as being realistic looking. Here are the ways in which we consider certain electric fireplaces to fit the bill.

Identifying the phrase “realistic”

So when we use this term, how do we envision a fireplace to look? Large glass fronts? Led lighting? Or like a traditional log burning stove? The phrase realistic is so easily misinterpreted to different audiences.

To generalise, we take this term as a way of saying, a fireplace in which looks like a fireplace unlike a tv display, a crazy futuristic design or obscure with excessive technology. Something that is easily identified as a fireplace.

With electric fires, you have the easily added benefit that they are in fact a functioning fireplace just like any other. They Arnt just a tv display, many electric fires have the ability to be seen through 3 sides now with the introduction of a “holographic” fireplace. 

With extremely real looking flames and a very minimal tv looking approach. Many new models that we have in-store are easily mistaken for a log burning stove with the crazy advancements in technology used.

How do electric fireplaces look real?

Like anything, mobile phones, cars and televisions. Technological advancements are made.

In the instance of electric fireplaces, we have the ability now to display fireplaces as the centre of the room displays, with holographic flames and a realistic-looking fire being on the show. With varying amounts of heat all with the ease of an electric bass.

There are an array of designs and models widely available for customers to view In our Manchester-based showroom. With bespoke designs and surrounds to make your fireplace the perfect addition to your home.

How to make your electric fireplace perfect for you?

It’s simple, nobody knows what you like apart from yourself. 

Amazingly, we are now in a position with a vast range of luxury electric fireplaces to choose from. With different sizes and designs available to be installed and fitted in your home in no time!

You can find the perfect fittings, extras and design inspiration In our warehouse with over 50+ live fireplaces on display.

Our expert industry-leading team here at luxury fire showrooms will be more than happy to help you along your journey.

Take a look at some of the incredible models available below.