It may be a confusing time to decide whether you should look at upgrading and get a new fireplace during the Summer period. It doesn’t have to be this way. With our endless knowledge on luxury fires including electric, gas and log burning stoves. Here we have some of the reasons that finding your dream fireplace in Summer may be ideal for you.

The confusion with buying a fireplace in Summer

Many people seem a little confused when it comes to looking at a new fireplace during the summer months, especially when looking at a luxury fireplace that renovates your home.


Customers often assume there would be non use for a fireplace during these times since the outside weather is keeping your home hot enough, the thing is, you couldn’t be further from wrong.

Not only do luxury fires and fireplaces offered you that constant warmth, but there are also many more factors to consider that can help improve your decision in buying a new display.

  1. They offer an instant home renovation, something to show off and appreciate. With bespoke designs, an array of styles and multiple materials. The endless opportunities for a new fireplace don’t have to be delayed just because it’s Summer. Introduce that sparkle into your home today.
  2. They don’t have to produce heat. Strange we know, but many people enjoy the comfort of electric fires without the worry of heating. The incredible displays (including our new holographic fireplaces) are able to be set to display the stunning characteristics of a fireplace such as sound and flames yet without even producing any heat.
  3. Offers, everyone loves an offer. Due to the lower demand in the Summer months, everyone can expect to see incredible offers on fireplaces. We even have ex-display models that are ready to be installed at incredibly discounted prices! With a free consultation and even a 3d rendering service. You can make the most out of our incredible services and start your journey to introduce a dream fireplace into your home.
  4. Lower demand, with lower demand, comes an easier journey. Nothing worse than finding out you would have to wait years before you can have your installation. That’s not the case here at the Luxury fire showroom in Manchester. We have displays ready to fly out, our expert team are on hand to help with any planning and bespoke designs to get you your perfect outcome.

We constantly have new installations and renovations taking place with a range of our clients, you can take a look at some of the recent transformations here with incredible outcomes and satisfied customers, no matter the time, day or month. It’s the perfect time to get yourself down to our fireplace warehouse and explore your options to having the perfect dream luxury fireplace in your home.

Please feel free to contact a member of our industry leading team today and we are more than happy to offer advice and expertise to get you on your way to a dream transformation.

We hope to see you soon,