An electric fire could be perfect for your home

Is an electric fire the perfect choice for your home?

Mar 4, 2021

With over 50+ live fires on display in our luxury fireplace showroom, there are an incredible amount of fireplaces to choose from. Do you find yourself a bit lost? confused? on the fence? A lot of the time it can become a strenuous and scary task when changing your fireplace, that’s why were are here to help! If you don’t have access to flue pipes and the space for piping and outsets. An electric fireplace could be the perfect choice for your home!

Our premium luxury electric fireplaces are not only designed with the highest quality materials, they are far more economical than older generation electric fireplaces. Electric fires are designed for ease and convenience, with an easy to use switch, more new models can even be operated with a remote control so you can enjoy the comforts of a stunning luxury fireplace with the convenience of not moving an inch.  Many people want to experience the incredible comforts that a modern luxury fireplace brings to there home, just like our customers who have experienced a rejuvenating amount of life being brought to there room, your next perfect move could be introducing an electric fire into your home.


Versatility with designs with electric fires!

You’re in a great spot, maybe you want a traditional looking fireplace or a brand new modern tv unit with an integrated fire, how about a room dividing display. The incredible array of stunning electric fireplace designs you can choose from are endless. You are in the best position to find your perfect addition to your home.

Electric fireplaces are simple to use and convenient

Just like a normal gadget, electric fireplace are some of the easiest fires to operate, with a simple plug and play feature. Plug the fireplace in and operate with a switch, button or even a remote! Enjoy the comforts of your sofa as you change the temperature of your fireplace by only lifting a figure! Since they have no chimney or live burning wood, you will find yourself in the best position with the easiest yet effective heating source.

Easy to install with no mess!

Unlike gas fireplaces where you might need access to more space and room for the installation of pipes and chimneys to operate the fire. With electric fires you are purely limited to the space you need for the fireplace to fit! With incredible ease and very little work needed, simply plug and play! Enjoy and reap the benefits of a brand new luxury fireplace with ease

Far more energy efficient!

With our range of new electric fireplaces available online and in-store, you should always keep in mind the running costs. With no need for logs or gas, you can simply operate these by your mains electric. With different energy ratings, you will have to choose wisely for a display that suits your needs. Many displays allow you to experience the flame on display yet no heat, this allows for a comforting feel to your room however with cheaper running costs as you do not need to heat. You are in a far more versatile position to achieve your needs.

View our online range of electric fires

Below is a selection of electric fireplaces that could be perfect for your home! You can find more on our dedicated page or even visit us in our luxury fire showroom & warehouse in Manchester to view our most up to date displays, pop down for a coffee and a chat!

Range of electric fireplaces available at luxury fireplace showroom