7 Tips for choosing a luxury fireplace insert


Are you in the position where you see yourself looking for a new luxury fireplace? We know with the range of fireplaces we have available online and instore, it can be a difficult time finding your perfect luxury fireplace insert to introduce into your home. Here are 7 tips for choosing a luxury fireplace insert for you!

1. Why are you wanting a new fireplace?

Firstly, it’s ideal to establish the reason you are wanting a new fireplace, from heat-efficiency to visual appearance. Identify which is your priority and keep it in mind when you are searching for a new display. Maybe you are wanting the best of both worlds? That’s where our expert team can step in and help! With knowelege on an array of factors from the effectiveness of a fire to the style that may suit you.

2. Target your solo room!

Everyone falls in the category where you want to have a new feature in your home and you cater it for the entire house. The fireplace you introduce will be based in one room, it’s essential that you make sure you love the way it looks and feels in the solo room. Whether you introduce a media display or a log-burning stove.

3. What type of efficiency are you after with your luxury fireplace?

If you are looking at lowering the cost of your monthly heating bill, you will be represented with a select range of fireplaces. Maybe you are wanting a log burning stove, here lies further maintenance but the feel of a real fire. You need to identify what type of display you are after, all our luxury fireplaces come in a range of sizes, shapes and models to suit your needs so don’t cut yourself short for something you’re not set on!

4. How is your home decorated?

It would be silly to introduce a huge marble surrounded fireplace if you have an old-school traditional room. Finding where your current decorations lie can help determine how you should plan to have your next fireplace. We have installed many fireplaces with tv’s built-in and log-burning stoves with a cast-iron frame. If you are hesitant about the design your after, come and visit us for a coffee and a chat about how we can help you.

5. Do you really like the fireplace?

When you are searching for your dream luxury fireplace, you can often fall into the trap of settling for the second-best. When you set your eyes on one of our stunning displays, its key to make sure you really do like the unit. Your fireplace won’t be running constantly through the day so typically you will be viewing the surround and insert more than anything. Make sure you really do love the fireplace whilst it’s not fired up.

6. Don’t settle for poor quality fireplaces.

If you are looking online, try not to fall into the trap of being visually captivating be a stunning fireplace to then realise it’s nothing like the picture. Visit a reputable retailer like ourselves at Luxury Fire Showroom in Manchester, our range of displays online are able to be seen in our fireplace warehouse with our expertise to help.

7. The installation is the biggest part!

When you finally have decided on your fireplace. Picking the right people to install it is even bigger of a deal. Here at Luxury fire showrooms, we take car of the entire process. Our in-house expert team install the fireplaces to the highest showroom standard. We ensure our customers are 100% satisfied as we would want the same. The final execution is vital when finding your next luxury fireplace insert as this is the view you will be left with!


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