The amazing benefits of having a stunning luxury fireplace during the winter months don’t go unseen, however, the safety precautions of running and operating a fireplace often do. From the use to the neglect, here are 5 safety tips to consider whilst using your luxury fireplace during the cold nights ahead.

We often see the increase in demand for luxury fireplaces during the winter months, if you take a more traditional approach and stick with a log burning stove, you have a few precautions to consider whilst using one to keep your home warm.

1. Don’t neglect the maintenance

During the cold weather, you will typically notice your fireplace is in operation more frequently, so much so the ash build-up, dirt and excess is developed at a quicker rate. What many people forget is that this will require more frequent maintenance, such as cleaning, emptying and preparing your fireplace for future usage.

If you don’t maintain a healthy fireplace, you run the risk of excess fires, poor ventilation and defective designs. All aspects to your fireplace journey you really don’t want to come across.

Simply, ensuring your base is tidy, all excess is cleared and your fireplace is well structured are amongst the few ways you can help not neglect your log burning stove during winter.

2. Don’t overuse your fireplace

We all have a tendency to use our fireplaces when it gets a little cold. What you have to remember is the fact that during winter, it is cold the majority of the day. This means try not to use your fireplace constantly for 20+ hours to keep you warm, your fireplace requires some breathing space and if you use your display too much your buildup of excess and ash can become an issue.

Making sure you use your log burning stove during periods of need and comfort restricts the potential for any future issues such as poor ventilation flames, overflow and damage to your luxury fire.

3. Don’t leave your fire alone

Since it becomes second nature to have your fire burning during winter, this can leave you in a predicament where you forget that it’s active.

Leaving an active fire, whether enclosed in a fireplace or not is a dangerous and silly idea.

From fire outbreaks to home damage and congestion. Leaving your log-burning stove unattended is a walkway to problems. Having control and access to your live fire is essential at all times, especially during this period of time where use is on the rise.

4. Have a contingency plan set up!

Not everything is smooth sailing. When dealing with a live fire, you have to be on top of your game before a fire breaks out.

Having a contingency play and a backup to combat any outbreaks, issues or concerns is a great idea to have in place during winter.

Not only throughout the year is a safety measure essential however during the cold nights, but the usage of your fireplace is also incredibly higher.

From sand to put out the fire to controlled amounts of logs or coal to burn.

Take every safety precaution and keep a backup plan in mind so you are always in control, no matter the situation.

5. Don’t overthink it

Having a luxury log burning stove is meant to be relaxing, comforting and warming. Keep it that way.

Of course, you should keep in mind the precautions for safety measures however if you overthink and over act with your fire, you run the risk of putting yourself in danger.

Enjoying the comfort of your fireplace whilst keeping a stead eye for attention on the flames is a great way to get through winter hassle free.

Be sure to sit back and relax whilst you enjoy the amazing benefits of a log burning stove during winter.