Luxury fireplaces are most frequently used during. the cold winter months, not because of the way they look however the general use for a fireplace is to heat a home. Although our range of luxury fires and fireplaces have amazing designs, visual effects and are eye-catching pieces themselves to use all year round. You can expect the demand for. new fireplace to skyrocket through the winter.

Although we are in September here are some of the main reasons you should consider popping down to our Manchester based showroom, finding your dream display and designing your bespoke design perfectly fit for your home. Beat the rush and ensure you have. anew state. of the art unit installed in time. for the freezing nights ahead.

  1. Luxury fireplaces offer the most amazing source of heat for your home.

    Not only are our luxury fireplaces, electric, gas and log burners all stunning to look at, state of the art and perfectly capable to your home. They are an incredible solution to heating your home during the winter months. From the roaring flames of a log burning stove making your home feel that much more cosey. To the effectiveness and simplicity of the innovative electric fires recently released.

  2. A vast array of designs are available!

    We all know that winter is a key time to style your home and get it looking festive. Talking about style, our luxury fireplaces are availabel in a range of sizes, styles and include an array of features leaving you with the perfect selection. During winter it’s great to add as many elements to your home to make it feel cosy and warm, that’s why with many traditional and innovative fireplaces, the perfect luxury fire is just around the corner to make your Winter a whole lot warmer.

  3. Keep your bills low during winter.

    We know, how strange it seems to say you have the opportunity to keep your bills low during winter. With new luxury fireplaces, as many measures as possible are implemented to keep the costs of running down to a minimum. From the design to the electrics or fuel source. A luxury fire could be the perfect addition, keeping your bills down whilst providing you with an incredible sense of warmth and comfort as you desire.

  4. New eco-friendly luxury fireplaces are available.

    With advancements in technology, gas and electric fireplaces are coming in far higher eco-friendly designs. Lowering bill costs, lower emissions and sleeker finnishes. The modern fireplaces are the ideal in-home unit to have for winter without the guilt of polluting the world. You don’t need to feel uncosy during the cold nights, the convenience of the eco-friendly upgraded models makes your user experience a whole lot easier.

  5. They can offer a divine smell to your home

    If you are after a warm, comforting, gentle scent to accompany your home, a log burning stove could be perfect. The incredible smell of a roaring fire instantly adds a whole new level of comfort to your property. You can get a real feel for what they are like at our showroom with over 50+ live fires on display!

You can take a look at some of the incredible displays we have to offer at our showroom, please note that our online selection is merely what we have to offer. Our manchester based luxury fire showroom is home to some of the most incredible luxury designs brought to the market.

Transform your home ahead of the rush this winter and be ready to cosey away on those cold nights coming.

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