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With houses selling in extremely short periods of time, often over their asking price. Having a fireplace in your home could be one of the major advantages of selling your property for a large sum than you initially expected. Properties with fireplaces and luxury fireplaces are highly sought after in the current tough market and are experiencing many large bids due to the demand.

A fireplace was considered one of the “most in-demand” features in house sales over the past year.

If you are considering installing a luxury fireplace into your home, with this in mind, it isn’t just a new feature, it’s also an investment if you came to sell it.

Reports suggest that 19% of homes on the market are featuring a fireplace although due to demand, around 79% are subject to completion and sold.

Leaving many homeowners in a situation on how quickly they can have a fireplace installed in their property, with the added bonuses.

With a high demand for our luxury gas, electric and log-burning stoves. Fireplaces will be taking place in the new year.

How a new fireplace could be the perfect start to a New Year

In many homes, your living room is the location with the most spent time. Typically home to either a television or a fireplace. Making major changes to your home can be stressful however incorporating a hassle-free luxury fireplace in a bespoke design, perfectly fitted to your designs and needs is the most ideal method to upgrade your home.

With a brand new range of luxury displays and bespoke designs catered to fit each individual home perfectly. Our range of luxury fireplaces available at our Manchester-based showroom is the perfect stop for your luxury fireplace installation for the new year.